Health IT Spend: Takeaways for Health System Leadership

Author: Peyman Zand

From my experience a health system CIO and consultant to healthcare leaders, I would say the greatest challenge and opportunity of any health system leader is driving the proper alignment and prioritization of health IT initiatives.

Digital transformation in healthcare continues to accelerate, with health systems making progress in driving insights into patient care from data, delivering a more consumer-based experience, and value. That said, digital transformation isn’t easy. And health IT initiatives without insight can cost much more than time and money.

In this Healthcare IT Today article, I overview how the steps to properly align health IT projects and spend.  Takeaways for health system leaders include:

  • Leaders must agree on organizational priorities and determine whether IT spend support these, as well as which of these priorities rank higher.
  • It is generally recommended to bring in external resources for objectivity and expertise related to planning and governance across multiple stakeholders.
  • A framework for IT governance is essential to provide a common language and toolset for goal setting, ongoing communication, and results tracking.
  • Solid IT governance is a team effort led by an executive steering committee with oversight of every stage of the governance process (capital budgeting, project prioritization, project planning and resource management).
  • M&A scenarios are large change scenarios that where specific governance processes are especially critical to prevent unnecessary spend or delays, as an example, interdependency mapping.

Read the full article on Healthcare IT Today. Insight Before Spend – How to Properly Align Your 2020 Health IT Initiatives.

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