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Highlights from Epic’s 2018 Users Group Meeting

Thousands of executives, directors, and clinical leadership from all over the United States and Europe attended Epic’s 2018 Users Group Meeting (UGM) last month in Verona, Wisconsin. We’ve put together a few highlights from  “The Great Outdoors” UGM conference that addressed the continually changing landscape of healthcare.

Epic CEO and Founder, Judy Faulkner, emphasized throughout the conference the importance of collaboration, the elimination of silos, and their continued support of interoperability. Faulkner shared her vision of a single shared network of health data across a global network of healthcare systems called Cosmos. She introduced as possibly becoming the world’s largest database of patient information, stating that the program collects de-identified patient data to support evidenced-based medicine and clinical decision support. Epic also introduced many exciting new and upcoming enhancements including:

  • Patient Estimates: Created to provide greater price transparency to an organization’s patients and increases the ability to collect self-pay balances by allowing patients to better plan for their out of pocket costs or pay in advance of their visit.
  • Provider Efficiency Profile (PEP) and Nursing Efficiency Assessment Tools (NEAT): These tools will give the Epic support team insight into how efficient end users are in the system, shedding light on potential opportunities for workflow improvement.
  • Secure Chat: This allows users to communicate securely via Epic, including via Haiku and Canto.

Epic’s clients also hosted over 200 sessions, presenting case studies and facilitating discussions around topics like Refuel projects and upgrades, improving the patient experience, analytics, telehealth, and clinical decision support. In addition to official sessions, Epic staff moderated open discussions covering previously proposed topics that allowed attendees to freely share their experiences, ask questions, and network with other organizations.  This year, the topics included Epic’s new release and upgrade cycle, clinical information reconciliation (MU), hospital and professional billing productivity reporting, opioid and pain management, care paths, usability, interoperability, and agile methodology.

Epic’s next Expert Users Group Meeting (XGM) will be April 29 – May 10, 2019. The XGM sessions focus on build optimization, workflows, and training. Now that you have returned from UGM with a list of exciting new things you’d like to add to your strategic priorities for 2019, we are excited to discuss how we can help you make your organization’s Epic priorities and initiatives a reality.

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