IT managed services, contingent staffing or both?

Compare the pros and cons of each staffing model to help you determine a strategy that works best for your organization.

How do you balance IT operational demands with today's staffing and budget constraints?

You may feel squeezed from all sides, because although clinicians and consumers continue to have high expectations when it comes to their technology experience, budgets continue to shrink and specialized IT resources are difficult to find.

The advice in this ebook can help you:

  • Weigh the pros and cons.
    Consider the short-term and long-term benefits that come with partial IT outsourcing for day-to-day operations, contingent staffing services for mission-critical projects, and a hybrid model that takes advantage of both.
  • Learn from other CIOs and CFOs. 
    Find perspectives and research on this topic from members of the CereCore CIO Cohort and from CFO responses to the survey conducted by the HFMA and sponsored by CereCore.
  • Discuss these strategies. 
    Use the list of questions in this decision guide as a starting point for conversations with your leadership teams to decide if now is the right time to pursue an alternate IT staffing model. 
Alternate staffing models can be a catalyst when organizations are planning a new software implementation, preparing to support growth, or improve negative customer experiences. 

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