Understand what you have and what you need

An assessment of your MEDITECH solution can help you optimize workflow and user experience, bulletproof the revenue cycle, and help you prioritize what's next.

Need confidence that your MEDITECH solution is fully optimized?

Hidden issues in your MEDITECH EHR lead to dissatisfaction and lack of progress. Those issues can be a result of: 

  • Workflows or parameters that were brought in from a former system. 
  • Lack of expertise, skilled resources, and governance during upgrades. 
  • Functionality that was not be addressed during the initial implementation or requirements discovered after go-live.
  • Backlogged maintenance that has built up over time. 
  • Workarounds and shadow IT that  mask issues with efficiency, data accuracy, and potentially the revenue cycle. 
These issues aren't  uncommon. But what you don't know can be costly.  

Customers report that an assessment by CereCore experts provides incalculable value. Our results include finding hundreds of thousands of dollars in unbilled revenue, setup and workflow issues that would prevent a successful go-live, analytics opportunities that improve clinical decision making, and many other scenarios that can improve patient and provider experiences. 

How the EHR assessment works

We meet with you to understand your goals for an assessment, then we provide experts and advisory services focused on those goals. You can expect: 

|Thorough assessment focused on your needs and goals. This could include automated testing, clinical workflow review, technical and parameter review, and more. 
|A team of highly skilled experts, with extensive clinical, operational, and implementation experience, will conduct a comprehensive assessment. Average assessment duration is three days. 
|An assessment report and advisory services help you understand the most critical issues with your implementation and build. Our focus is patient safety, revenue and data accuracy, and efficiency - in that order. 

Our expertise will enable you to uncover the intricate layers of your hospital operations, spanning from clinical to front office, revenue cycle to infrastructure whether you are

  • considering the implementation of MEDITECH Expanse, Expanse Ambulatory, or MaaS
  • assessing the readiness of your implementation for go-live
  • seeking to optimize your current build
Through our comprehensive assessment, you will uncover immediate opportunities to enhance MEDITECH, empowering your providers and staff to more effortlessly deliver exceptional patient care.

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