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CereCore Provides Help Desk Services to Community Hospital Corporation

Community Hospital Corporation in Dallas, TX has selected CereCore to provide 24/7 IT help desk support services. CHC offers patient care, jobs and community support for multiple facilities across the country. They provide consulting, management and ownership for hospitals seeking to enhance efficiency, improve quality and strengthen their financial stability.

CereCore will be providing CHC with an enhanced 24/7 U.S. based help desk services for their facilities. As the first point of contact, CereCore will deliver operational expertise on multiple applications and platforms. As a result of our scale, CHC will benefit from improvements in call wait times, call abandonment rates and issue resolution metrics. Not only will CereCore give CHC the results they deserve, but we will also provide a cost-effective service that will set them up for success in the future as a growing business.

About Community Hospital Corporation

Community-based hospitals put the “care” in healthcare—offering excellent patient care along with jobs and other types of community support. In order for these hospitals to survive, they must deliver quality care while maintaining their own financial health. CHC offers practical solutions that help community hospitals enhance efficiencies, improve quality and strengthen financial stability—and most importantly, we help preserve and protect community control of the hospital. To learn more, visit

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Lower Call Wait Times, Consistent Issue Resolution, and Cost Savings

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