Patient Scheduling – Improve Your Patients’ Access to Clinical Care

Book the patient with the correct provider, in the correct time frame, and at a convenient location – sounds simple, right? Unfortunately, too many health systems struggle with non-standard, scheduling protocols and templates. Difficult rules and variations among providers can make it challenging for schedulers to quickly, and easily book appointments. Here are some helpful tips to improve your patient scheduling workflow, and position your organization for self-service options:

  1. Define the scope for your project. Do you want to review certain specialties, or complete a full review across all specialties?
  2. Assess standard access metrics for selected specialties and providers. Use these data points as a baseline, and compare them to the current provider template build. Block utilization can have a large impact on flexibility, patient distribution and the ability to automate processes. If templates are overly customized, they can prevent you from taking advantage of automated and self-scheduling tools.
  3. Review scheduling protocols and guidelines. You can gain a better understanding of processes by observing your staff and asking the right questions, such as: Do they have the tools they need to schedule the patient into the correct slot? Could you reduce the burden on nurses through less clinical triage?
  4. Review your processes for recalls, wait-list management, and no shows, to better utilize template availability.

Templates are not always built with patient preferences and convenience in mind, leading to, unused slots and unrealized revenue. Your goal should be to leverage Epic’s decision support tools to provide an efficient, repeatable, and accurate outcome.

Next Steps:

We understand having an easy and efficient scheduling process is a core competency for any ambulatory access strategy. Our team of tenured, patient-access professionals, will complete a thorough review of your template and scheduling practices for designated specialties. By the end, you will have a list of suggested improvements, referencing the most current Epic functionality. We can provide advice and recommendations for building a team and governance structures needed to realize the suggested improvements. For more details on the low-cost, short-term analysis CereCore provides, you can download our solution overview here.

Our team is experienced and we have been successfully providing services to hospital systems for over 15 years. We have the highest quality experts and our network consists solely of ex-Epic or highly tenured industry professionals. To start a conversation or schedule a meeting, please email us at or call us at 855.276.9112.

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