Dare to Compare: Hosting TCO

Get a soup-to-nuts cost comparison for hosting MEDITECH in the cloud.

Where are the hidden costs of EHR hosting?

Healthcare IT leaders are often shocked when tallying the ongoing costs of IT infrastructure that support their EHR and related systems. Clients often run into surprises like these:

|Upcharges and significant adjustments to their hosting agreements for performance
|Solution gaps related to disaster recovery and business continuity 
|Software licensing that is not included
|Separate support costs for software versus technical issues

Compare the cost

Our Hosting Cost Comparison can help you understand how you can begin to achieve greater efficiency in your IT infrastructure. Here's how it works:

  1. Gather information:
    We'll provide you with a template to begin gathering your hosting requirements.
  2. Discuss information:
    You'll meet with CereCore to discuss your information and clarify any questions.
  3. Review findings:
    CereCore will present a total cost of ownership calculation based on your current spend and our services. 

Sounds too good to be true? It isn't. We understand and care about healthcare operations deeply. Participating in a cost comparison with CereCore is completely confidential and you can walk away with powerful information that can help your organization make more informed decisions on IT spend.

Request a cost comparison.

We will walk you through a total cost comparison for your specific hosting requirements. You'll receive a spreadsheet template for the information needed and additional details from our team.