Uncover the issues that matter in IT support.

Our collaborative Support Services assessment can help you discover the top issues and cost factors in your healthcare organization's IT Service Desk.

What are the barriers to your clinicians and staff getting things done?

What if you could peel back the data from the issues logged by the IT service desk and make measurable improvements for your clinicians and healthcare staff? Through our heritage in healthcare operations, we routinely examine issues that prevent efficiency in delivering patient care. Our approach to analyzing the right metrics has resulted in: 

|Physician calls being answered 3x faster than calling into a standard line
|Year over year reduction in overall incidents by resolving reoccurring issues at the root cause
|Cost efficiency through a shift-left approach 

Our Support Services Assessment is available at no cost and no commitment and can help you discover where to begin in gaining greater efficiency in IT support. What is involved? 

  1. Gather information:
    You'll provide information (confidentially) to our IT service desk experts for our pre-work.
  2. Review information:
    You'll meet with CereCore to discuss your information and clarify any questions.
  3. Report findings:
    CereCore will present our findings and recommend next steps.

Why would we offer a no-cost assessment? We invest 6-8 hours of time in each assessment because we understand healthcare operations deeply. Investing our knowledge in healthcare organizations is an investment in our own communities.


Request an Assessment.

Learn more about our Support Services Assessment. You'll receive a list of the information needed for pre-work and additional details from our team.