Valuable Technical Skills for All Your Project Needs

The responsibility of hospital IT departments never stops growing. We provide easy access to specialized technical skills that you can outsource for your specific needs. We transform patient care by streamlining the process of sharing data, generating reports, providing secure access to critical information and facilitating unified communication.

By automating manual processes, providing short-term support or offering expertise beyond your staff’s capability, we save you money and man-power.

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Wireless Network Installation and Support

Now more than ever, having internet access in every corner of your hospital is critical. As the use of iPads and iPhones in a hospital setting has increased, the expectation for constant communication both between staff, patients and facilities has as well. It’s important to have a system in place that is secure and reliable when sharing sensitive and often urgent information. We understand the need for systems to handle large amounts of traffic between thousands of smart devices and machines without the risk of crashing.

Our team will do an in-depth assessment of your space to monitor signal strength, throughput and response times then develop an install plan for a wireless network infrastructure that securely supports and connects your staff. As you continue to upgrade and adapt your IT infrastructure to keep up with technological advances, our team helps you get the most out of your system and effectively support growing demands.

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