We recognize that implementing Epic is a significant investment. Our team works with you to optimize and realize the full value of the platform so you can focus on providing quality care within your organization and community. Whether you need a focused assessment or help implementing a new Epic EHR, our goal is to help you better meet industry best practices, improve functionality, and support and/or maintain your system so your team has the bandwidth to address critical project demand.

Our team has experience leading Epic implementations, guiding organizations through mergers and acquisitions, determining the impact to Epic of divestitures, and working with clients to select the functionality that best aligns with their strategic priorities. Additionally, we can manage single/double upgrades, and deliver focused optimizations.

Because our Epic network consists of ex-Epic or highly tenured industry professionals, we understand your needs and have developed a customized solution that maximizes your Epic experience. Given our healthcare operator heritage, we understand the impact your IT budget can have on team members so we strive to keep your costs down with substantially lower rates than other vendors in the market.

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Implementation Services

Epic Services Customized to Meet Your Needs

We understand that the process of planning and implementing your Epic platform is laced with complexity due to the various applications, workflows, and available resources to address evolving needs. Our team has been involved in countless implementations and has the expertise to guide your organization through on-time and on-budget implementation. Our team can fully manage your implementation project from start to finish, or simply assist your team with build and testing tasks.

Our organization has direct experience working with many of the premier EHR (or CHR) vendors.  We understand what software works best for specific organizations and environments.  We meet with your team, understand your mission and objectives, and help you select the vendor with the best value for your investment.  As part of your team, we provide the analysis and dedication we use during our own vendor selections.

If you’re looking to implement a new module or integrate a third party with your current EHR, our team is poised and ready to assist.  As healthcare operators, our organization has integrated well-known and startup products into all our platforms (Epic, MEDITECH, Cerner, eClinicalWorks, etc.).  As part of our proven process, we evaluate your current vendor’s existing and upcoming offerings while also evaluating third parties.  We use past experiences, insights from vendors, and data analysis, to drive your selection process and focus on long-term viability to help you meet industry leading practices.

Our team of experts has experience leading implementations for organizations of varying sizes and complexities across the United States.  Many of our consultants have experience leading implementations in many different roles as employees of Epic, healthcare organizations, and consultants.  We believe having individuals with this trifecta of experiences uniquely positions us to ensure all players are accounted for and fully-utilized in the plan.

We understand that a few hours of focused planning can save hundreds of hours of work later.  Through our best practices, we will develop an implementation plan tailored to your organization’s goals.  As part of our planning process, we’ll not only develop a roadmap to transform your staff from novices to Epic experts but also devise a plan for maintaining great support for your current platforms.  We realize the importance of developing workflows that guide your staff to deliver excellent patient care in an efficient and effective manner and will help educate your Epic team so they develop a deep understanding of available functionality to optimize the system for years to come.

Our pre-implementation planning deliverables include

  • A detailed implementation, go-live, and migration to post-live support plan
  • Guidance on effective testing and training
  • An outline of the data conversion process
  • Guidance regarding related processes and policies (governance, team structure, change control, etc.)

In order to meet the varied needs of our clients, we offer three flexible models:

Traditional Consulting

Our affordable and high-quality traditional consulting allows your organization to benefit from Epic experts who can do it all: from managing large projects to completing break-fixes for your organization. Typically, these consultants will be on-site with your team for the duration on their engagements. Our experts will also mentor your team in order to enhance their competencies and ability to maintain your system after the engagement is completed.

Remote Consulting

By having our experts work remotely, you can reduce spend by saving your organization costs associated with travel. We leverage our team’s varied expertise to align you with consultants who have the skills you need when you need them. Our team will work alongside your team in order to provide staff mentoring, implementation build, system support, and optimization solutions. Our consultants can efficiently maintain your system while leaving your team to handle the optimizations, allowing you to keep your team happy by outsourcing the day-to-day maintenance.

Ad Hoc Consulting

Through ad hoc consulting, your organization pays only for your immediate Epic needs giving you the flexibility to gather resources without being tied to a long-term contract. We will supply you with the right level of appropriately-aligned Epic experts to help achieve your goal – you only pay for the hours needed.

In order to modify Epic’s Foundation System to best meet your end users’ and patients’ needs, it is critical to both understand current-state workflows and determine opportunities to support and improve them with the implementation of the Epic EHR. Our experts will work with your support team and Epic implementation team to ensure the current “real-life” workflows are understood and they are analyzed for opportunities for improvement. Our goal is to provide your employees the best workflows, reports, etc., in Epic rather than simply replicating everything they have today.

Our team has been involved in countless implementations and has the expertise to guide your organization through on-time and on-budget implementation. Our Project Leaders have run major Epic projects as Epic Implementation Directors, Epic Implementation Executives, and consultants. We have a wide range of expertise that will be assigned to your Epic implementation based on your needs. Our team can fully manage your implementation project from start to finish, or simply assist your team with build and testing tasks.

Our team has been involved in countless implementations and has the expertise to guide your organization through on-time and on-budget implementation, upgrade, or rollout. Our Project Managers have led major Epic projects as Epic Implementation Directors, Epic Implementation Executives, and consultants.

We have developed a strong relationship with them and will work collectively to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible and the best decisions for your organization are made and implemented. Our goal is to make sure you have access to industry best practices, Epic recommendations, and creative one-off solutions other healthcare organizations have used, to successfully provide the best EHR configuration for your patients, end users, and operational leadership.

We operate a legacy system support center which, if utilized, will lower cost resources and create a smooth transition during your Epic implementation. This is just one way our approach will reduce your overall project spend while meeting the increasing demands of the implementation. By collaborating with you on every aspect from planning (governance, team structure, change control, etc.) to go-live, we are positioned to support your complex IT strategies and projects.

Post-Live Services

Dedicated Epic Support that Delivers Quality Customer Care

From acquisitions and divestitures, Connect, and Honor Roll, we deliver cost-effective results that meet your organization’s operational and financial goals. We work with you to develop a strategy that maintains and supports your current operations, integrates, and extends your Epic platform to your surrounding community and drives continuous improvements so you receive reimbursements for your system’s performance. We provide the resources it takes to deliver better patient care, improve outcomes, and achieve your organization’s goals surrounding population health.

We understand the disruptive nature of complying with the variety of ever-changing regulatory requirements. Our experts can help you succeed in those efforts by ensuring your instance of Epic has the necessary functionality and reporting set up to comply with all quality payment programs such as:  the Meaningful Use/Promoting Interoperability program, MIPS, MACRA, IPPS, LTCH PPS, and many others.

CereCore’s clinical documentation experts have implemented the 60 major categories of the system and developed efficient, repeatable builds that reduce the time and cost for successful application of the system. Leveraging CereCore’s import-ready content and back-coded elements, your CCC implementation can be completed at a fraction of the effort and cost as compared with in-house builds.

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The patient experience is critical to us as healthcare operators so we created a special help desk dedicated to improving the patient portal experience.  Epic has provided patients a great deal of insight and control in their medical care through MyChart and we want to help you maximize their adoption of these tools.  Our team of experts work 24/7, are trained specifically around your configuration, and will answer calls as an extension of your organization.

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Our Epic experts will guide you through the complex process of integrating your disparate EHRs during a merger or acquisition. We will identify the unique workflows and needs of each organization in order to create your Epic system that best streamlines patient care.  We have experience with both the technical side of integrating your systems and reorganizing and aligning multiple teams to work together as one. We will help develop a cohesive and efficient culture for your team while working together to build an Epic system that meets the needs of all your combined organization.

Epic is continuously improving its enterprise system by regularly offering new modules. Our experts will help your support team analyze both how the new application should be customized to meet your organization’s unique needs and how your existing applications can best be modified to get the most out of integrated workflows that incorporate the new application. We will also help make those modifications to live applications, configure the new application, conduct testing, and create training materials related to new and updated workflows.

Our team of Epic experts has extensive experience with single and double upgrades. We offer a wide range of services to assist your organization and help balance your IT workload with other strategic initiatives.  Our team will provide a cost-effective means to help bring your organization current with the latest version of Epic and provide ongoing support for the upcoming Epic 3-month release schedule.  This will ensure you are current with the latest release and able to take full advantage of new functionality as it becomes available.

We will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your current configuration to ensure the recommended upgrade changes align with your organizational and financial goals.  This includes evaluation of quality and regulatory program compliance, Gold Stars program, Honor Roll, and payer mix status to determine which features will best meet the needs of your organization.

Our upgrade services include project management, release note review, configuration recommendations, proof of concept, development, build, testing, and testing coordination.  We will work with your on-site build team and operational stakeholders to provide exceptional service and technical expertise to take your organization to the next level.

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