Legacy Application Support

Clinical Applications Targeted for Sunsetting Need a Team, Too

Managing your entire suite of legacy clinical applications while implementing a new EHR is a herculean task. You need IT resources that can maintain and support business continuity, while sourcing or re-training your teams. Outsourcing legacy application support is a practical and cost-effective solution for gaining that extra team during transition.

Comprehensive Application Support

Ensure smooth operations during transition for a wide variety of EHR and clinical applications.

Whether your hospital uses Epic, Medhost, Cerner, or other specialized clinical applications that are part of the overall application set, you’ll get comprehensive support from CereCore. Here, you’ll find a one-stop shop for legacy systems support for however long you need, including:

  • Coding: 3M 360, eCharms
  • LHR: OneContent
  • Revenue Cycle: Artiva, Hyland On-Base and RCM, 
  • General Financial: Ariba, Essbase, Kronos, PMM
  • Imaging: GE RIS, PACS, MUSE, Hyland NILRead Diagnostic Viewer, Hyland ACUO Vendor Neutral Archive
  • Clinical: DSS RxTracker, Horizon Meds Manager, GE CPN, PICIS
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Risk Reduction

Navigate EHR conversions confidently.

From start to finish, you can rely on us for well-rounded support every step of the way. Here’s how we help your EHR conversion go smoothly:

  • Maintain your existing EHR with regulatory updates, patching, and code updates, backup legacy data, and reporting
  • Prevent disruption of service levels for healthcare providers as they continue using the existing EHR
  • Add resource capacity so your team can focus on the next EHR 
  • Provide ongoing application support to reduce the burden on your IT staff
  • Migrate data to the new system or decommission old systems by shifting to our legacy data archive.

Decommission Systems, Archive the Data

Ready to move forward? Our Legacy Data Archive solution is a cost-effective approach for multiple data types.

Save your hospital money by not paying for obsolete systems for look-ups or data retention requirements. Our solution is based on industry-standard software and is a streamlined, cost-effective solution for medical records, financial records, and much more.

Info Sheet: Legacy Data Archive
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We’ve Got This

Our legacy support means less for you to worry about.

We handle important tasks to keep patient care uninterrupted during the conversion process such as:

  • System Maintenance
  • Content and Regulatory Updates
  • Necessary EHR Code Updates

How We Helped Ardent Health Services Succeed with Epic

By leaning on our legacy application support they achieved their goals and more.

Check out our case study on Ardent Health Services to see how we were able to help them navigate a successful transition to Epic and beyond.

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Let Us Do the IT Firefighting, So You Can Move Forward

We have done the proverbial firefighting for hospitals across the nation. Trust us for legacy application support so that you are free to move forward.

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