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Wherever you are in your journey with MEDITECH, we’re here to help you optimize the use, maximize the investment, and blaze a path forward with expert application services.

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MEDITECH Consulting

Empowering Patient Care Now and for the Future

Isn’t empowering patient care the most important outcome of implementing, optimizing, or upgrading MEDITECH? Our experience using MEDITECH as clinicians and enabling others means we can help you fully leverage MEDITECH Expanse, 6x, Client Server, and Magic solutions.

Client Success Story: Surgery Partners improved satisfaction with end-to-end EHR partner

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MEDITECH Expanse Implementation

Ready to achieve a singular MEDITECH Electronic Medical Record? We make a seamless transition to Expanse EHR with Ambulatory a reality.

Upgrades and System Optimization

We not only spend time with you to understand your specific workflows, we test them in our own MEDITECH Expanse solution. Our process leads you to gains in efficiency, reliability, and revenue flow. Plus, it delivers a tested, documented roadmap for your MEDITECH journey.

Staff Augmentation and Training

Need feet on the ground for a project or to train your team? We provide classroom, remote, and on-site training in all MEDITECH applications and become an extension of your IT team for critical projects and milestones.

Pre-Production Strategy

Providers Medical Center is the name of CereCore’s MEDITECH Expanse instance. Every engagement begins in our sandbox or development instance to provide pre-production testing, strategy, and best practices before go-live. 

Core Solutions

Accelerate Timelines and Results

Our Core Services feature a fixed-fee or fixed-scope delivery model, often with production-ready content to deliver quick ROI. We developed these services based on years of successful MEDITECH projects to save you time and money.

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AUC Implementation Support

Achieve your Appropriate Use Criteria implementation in as little as 90 days with technical, application, and operational services needed for compliance.

Info sheet: AUC Implementation

Automated Financial Testing

Our automated testing solution results in 100% validation of process-driven orderable charges. Find missing real value over manual testing methods and eliminate hidden revenue leaks during annual pricing changes, regulatory updates, upgrades, and implementations.

Info Sheet: Automated Financial Testing

MEDITECH Release Management

We provide a structured and proven validation process for ensuring the performance and efficacy of MEDITECH code and system updates. This fixed-fee or subscription service provides system validation, integrated testing, decision review, and reports to help your team concentrate on enhancement opportunities instead of validating the impact of new code.

Info Sheet: MEDITECH Release Management

MEDITECH Rules and Worklists

Streamline administrative processes and ensure record accuracy by purchasing and implementing packs of rules or worklists. From finding incomplete information such as payor records and flagging patients with special indicators to identifying a patient call list, this growing library of ready-made functionality is a quick way to optimize MEDITECH after or during implementation.

Info Sheet: MEDITECH Rules & Worklists

Lifecycle and Application Management

Spend time enabling care, not enabling software

From ongoing application management to expert support, you are never on your own using MEDITECH with CereCore. 

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Application patching, maintenance, and management

Maintaining and updating MEDITECH doesn’t have to feel like a never-ending task. Our MEDITECH experts can take on patching, maintenance, code updates, system documentation, and more for an EHR you can rely on.

Reliable and expert support

Our support team knows MEDITECH inside and out. Get reliable, expert, and accurate application support here.

Info Sheet: MEDITECH Patient Portal

Data Services and Regulatory Reporting

Free Up More of Your Resources

Our technical teams expertly understand MEDITECH data architecture.  We automate data to eliminate inefficient manual processes, deliver reporting and insights, enable legacy data, and full-service regulatory reporting. All so you can move forward efficiently and devote resources to more valuable projects. 

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Accurate, Faster Reporting

We partner with you to define and deliver the insights you need using MEDITECH, MEDITECH Data Repository, Microsoft SQL, and Microsoft PowerBI. Our cost-saving approach leverages the software you already own, powerfully.

Legacy Data Archive and Integration

Securely deliver electronic medical records across your facilities. Our data services team provides data extraction and enables delivery of electronic medical records and other data via web and embedded MEDITECH interfaces. This includes our cost-saving Legacy Data Archive solution.

Info Sheet: Legacy Data Archive

Streamlined Scripting

We automate, script, and test MEDITECH processes to reduce the cost and effort of a well-maintained system. Our production-ready scripts can be used to automate redundant tasks and lower the risk of transcription and billing errors.

Regulatory Reporting and Submissions Program

It’s easy to get bogged down in annual quality measures reporting processes. We provide peace of mind with a full-service regulatory reporting and submissions program that provides everything you need, including data extraction, report build, and submissions on your behalf.

Info Sheet: Regulatory Reporting & Submissions

Video: Regulatory Reporting & Submissions

Hosting and Technical Services

Resourceful Ways to Accomplish More

When managing MEDITECH infrastructure becomes too much to handle, turn to us. Our hosting services remove the burdens of server maintenance, storage, backup and recovery - reliably and securely.

Learn more about related IT Infrastructure and Data Services

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Infrastructure and Support

We are a one-stop shop for technical and operational requirements. From testing and 24/7/365 support to scalable, cost-effective storage and a fully redundant data center, we have the expertise, manpower and technology platform to keep your system safe and available for patient care. Combined with application management and patching, clients gain a maintenance and worry-free MEDITECH solution.

Disaster Recovery
Unexpected things happen and we can help you be prepared. With our experience in hospital operations, we know how critical it is to save and store data properly and to test our disaster recovery plans so your staff can resume system use quickly.

Is it Time for You to Move to MEDITECH Expanse?

Learn from others and find the right path to MEDITECH Expanse and achieve a singular EMR across hospitals and clinics. Download one or both eBooks in this series: 


eBook 1: The Path to MEDITECH Expanse
eBook 2: MEDITECH Expanse Ambulatory


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