Upgrade Support Experiences with a Clinical Service Desk

Respond to Clinicians and Resolve Their Issues

Without the Perceived Runaround

Trained on Epic, MEDITECH, and Oracle Health (Cerner), our support professionals help clinicians get expert support on the first call.


faster resolution of physician calls


reduction in time to resolution


reduction in incidents for Level 2 teams

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We Practice at the Top of Our License for Efficient Support

We own issues from start to finish so you don’t have to.

CereCore's clinical service desk agents are trained and certified on major EHR systems including Epic, MEDITECH, and Oracle Health (Cerner). The clinical service desk, operating at scale with level 1 and level 2 support services, goes beyond issue resolution. It contributes to training, builds changes, and more. Agents leverage healthcare operations experience and EHR certification knowledge, effectively to decrease the cost per resolution.

Patient Portal Support That Helps You Take Care of Patients

Connect support services for seamless EHR and portal support.

Your patients and physicians depend on the patient portal, telehealth, and related technologies more than ever. Making quality and timely support essential. How are your internal IT teams able to absorb the increases in call volumes? Is your front-office staff spread thin troubleshooting or helping patients navigate the portal?

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What Level 2 Can Do for You

See how we can support your goals.

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Make Sure You Have Comprehensive EHR Application Support

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