Four Considerations for Outsourcing When Determining Your Epic Reporting Strategy

When your Epic analytics team is assigned a task or project, one of the first things most departments do is determine whether there are available resources to accomplish the work. Depending on bandwidth and urgency, the project is then slated with a certain timeline and priority. However, there are times when a project needs to get done and the available bandwidth or skill set is not sufficient to handle the work. This scenario can lead to an organization evaluating whether to bring in external help.

If you do decide to incorporate external Epic analytics experts into your staff in order to create a more robust support system, there are a variety of solutions to choose from. Deciding on a strategy that is right for your organization requires an evaluation of the current-state as well as your future direction and goals. Similarly, one analytics project may require one type of support, while the next project requires something different. Establishing a relationship with a consulting firm that can provide different solutions to meet your organizational needs ensures you will have an adequate support model for any analytics project.

When evaluating whether a consulting firm can meet your Epic analytics support needs, consider the following:

  1. Does the firm have the ability to work with your organization to determine what staffing model may work best for your current state and project scope?
  2. Does the firm employ seasoned Epic Analytics subject matter experts who can evaluate the entire landscape to help you determine what options might best suite your goals?
  3. Does the firm have the flexibility to meet your staffing needs, whether that is a single resource or a team of experts?
  4. Is the firm’s approach to staffing adaptable and responsive to your needs (vs just presenting packaged staffing models that may not fit into what you are looking for)?

Reporting solutions can range from a single staff augmentation resource to completely “lifting out” your reporting services team to be remotely coordinated and supported. Having a flexible support model that can evolve as your organization evolves can give you the ability to pivot if needed in order to meet your business needs and goals.

Our Epic Analytics experts have the experience and expertise to work with your organization to determine optimization opportunities as well as how to approach and execute them successfully. We can bring in staff to assist with current project needs, or if needed, perform an analytics assessment to assist with determining direction. For more details on the analytics solutions CereCore provides, you can download our solution overview here. To start a conversation or schedule a meeting, please email us at or call us at 855.276.9112.

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