Legacy Data Management: Our Approach

A common challenge for Healthcare establishments of all sizes, is Legacy Data Management. While retention of Legacy Data is both operationally relevant and legally required, it is also a drain on both your internal support teams as well as, your operational budget. CereCore’s Legacy Data solution, leverages standard Microsoft technologies most likely already licensed in your existing environment, with minimal hardware requirements. Our approach provides flexibility when it comes to what data is archived and how it is retrieved for future viewing and printing.

Our archive methodology starts with an enterprise-wide analysis, including planning, and prioritization. From there, the project is managed by our team, allowing the archive implementation and viewer personalization to take place. Finally, we will offer support and customer service through, and after, go-live of transmitted data.

The benefits of clearing old systems, mainly used just for inquiry purposes, is depletion of expenses from software and hardware maintenance, peace-of-mind about end of life hardware failure, and cost saving from legacy software vendor support. Data archive examples include: Patient Accounting, Supply Chain Management, Clinical and EMR, Enterprise Financials, and Human Resources and Payroll. Having this information stored into your current IT infrastructure, allows data to be accessible from a central repository through either a web user interface, or directly from your current EHR and ERP systems.

CereCore has 15+ years providing IT services and solutions to hospitals and large health systems. Our deep cross-application expertise can be utilized with gap work such as mapping content and processes between the legacy current enterprise systems. Our approach enhances and accelerates the design phase, plus it adds significant value to build and project. In addition, CereCore drives significant cost savings by freeing up local support resources to focus on the new environments thereby saving operational dollars. To start a conversation, please email us at or call us at 855.276.9112.

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