Regulatory Submissions Using Only MEDITECH (CEHRT)

In 2019, there will be a need to address several areas when upgrading existing technology, and deploying new technology for updated requirements. Deadlines are quickly approaching and preparation requires time and effort. Selecting a preferred partner to help with 2019 eCQM submissions, early this year, affords the flexibility to choose the best 90 day period for your organization.

CereCore has worked with dozens of clients to implement our regulatory reporting, integrations, and dashboards. We have a 100% success rate in delivering MU and Quality Submissions on time for clients. The client successes range from corporations with many hospitals, to single large acute care facilities, and small ambulatory practices. Right now, focus should be on these three things:

  1. Applying and testing the solution for submission of 2019 eCQMs
  2. Updating and validating MU submission capability to submit MU Stage 2 modified in 2019 or MU3 as an early adopter
  3. Ensuring that the EHR is updated to 2015 CEHRT standards, deploying and testing new MU3 technology (like API for patient apps) and updating prior technology roll outs and integrations

The current ruling has set 2019 as the first calendar year for reporting MU3 standard technology, and the expectation is that this will be for the entire calendar year. You can submit four eCQMs to QNet (CMS) for any calendar quarter of the 2018 calendar year. There’s also an opportunity to submit MU Stage 2, modified in 2018. Additionally, election can be made to update and collect data on more or all of the available eCQMs to improve the quality of clinical outcomes.

In the past, you may have contracted with a “certified” submission vendor to deliver quality measures to a governing entity. Now, because of the alignment of CMS and the Joint Commission, it is possible to move to a SELF-Attestation methodology through technology partnerships with QNet and Apervita. This means a “certified” third party submission software vendor is not required.

With the old way, contracting with a third party meant just that, signing a software license agreement with associated fees. This sometimes included separate support fees and even additional fees per measure submitted. It also meant paying for bells and whistles in an expensive product with many features, but only a few probably needed or valued from this. Now, you already own everything needed to attest, within the MEDITECH platform. What you may not have is the experience, the expertise and the time to take this on independently. CereCore applies our proven development and configuration to the DR by quickly infusing your regulatory program with capabilities that would take years to develop on your own.

We also leverage this tool set:

  1. Deliver executive dashboards for all types of EHR data
  2. Deliver integration solutions
  3. Deliver general custom reporting solutions

We deliver eCQM dashboards, reports and QRDA generation tools that will allow the ability to view, print, email and download data dashboards for any of the quality measures selected or configured. These tools give the ability to select measures and set them up for compiled time periods of data. This also gives the ability to generate quality QRDA for electronic submission to the desired program vendors (EHR/IQR/JCAHO). All of these tools have been developed and are currently operating on our clients’ standard versions of SQL Server 2008, 2012, 2016, so no additional hardware is needed. We continue to improve our solutions by making certain they are secure, robust and flexible. To learn more about our regulatory submissions services, contact us at or call us at 855.276.9112. Or you can download our eBook here.

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