Advisory Services That Give You Access to Experienced IT Leaders

Helping You Navigate Change and Uncover Cost Savings

The majority of your IT budget and time is spent on maintenance. This makes it hard to drive innovation and champion initiatives that can streamline the delivery of patient care. You can rely on our advisory team and CIO cohort to help you overcome obstacles and create a roadmap to move your organization forward.

Work Alongside the Best

Solve complex problems and drive revenue by relying on our experienced advisory team.

Collaborate with our team to develop strategic planning that’s easy to understand, actionable, and pragmatic. By aligning your IT projects and investments with business goals and strategies, you can deliver cost savings to your organization while successfully completing innovative projects.

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IT Optimization and Strategic Governance

Proper IT planning and governance allows you to control and align investments to drive progress for your organization. We walk you through the process to optimize and manage your IT ecosystem to create impactful change and organizational value.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Understanding how a merger or acquisition will impact your organization’s people, systems, and processes helps you facilitate a smooth transition and avoid some of the common pitfalls. We help you engage clinical and operational stakeholders and navigate the IT complexity that comes with these scenarios.

Digital Transformation and Innovation

The healthcare industry is rapidly adapting to meet patients’ and physicians’ needs. We help you assess progress on your transformational technology efforts.

Application and Contract Optimization
Your hospital might have hundreds of applications and vendors with duplicating functionalities. We can help you rationalize these applications and contracts to eliminate redundancies and projects that don’t add value.
System Selection and Implementation

System selection is a complex process. It involves cultural change management, requirements analysis, and correctly evaluating the total cost of ownership. Our operator heritage helps us go beyond the typical factors for analysis and provide a recommendation based on your needs, not only the applications we work with. 

Cybersecurity Risk Management

Manage cybersecurity risk and compliance by making your security program even stronger. Using the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, we take assessments to the next level by mapping out practical recommendations, providing technical remediation, connecting you with trusted Security Operations Center (SOC) partners, and providing ongoing Network Operations Center (NOC) services to help you close the gaps in your network.

Temporary Leadership with Long-Lasting Results

Stabilize your hospital with qualified IT leaders.

Finding the right talent for your hospital is challenging. We give you direct access to CIOs, CTOs and CISOs who can assist with key initiatives or keep your organization on track while you search for a new leader. 

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On-site IT leadership

We provide experienced IT leadership inside your facility until the time you no longer need them.

Remote IT leadership

Remote IT leadership is a great fit for dispersed organizations.

Focused IT leadership

We provide experienced IT leadership that is tailored to your organization's needs, culture, and clinical applications. This includes CISO (information security) work, IT infrastructure and operational focus, and more.

Learn from Leaders

The CereCore CIO Cohort is a unique group that meets regularly to share best practices and insight with fellow health IT leaders.This group, made up of the top minds in our field, is our way of supporting health IT efforts and growing future leaders.

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Stronger Together

No one understands the challenges of health IT better than us. Which means we’re uniquely qualified and able to provide you with wisdom and resources suited to your specific needs.

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