IT Infrastructure & Data Services

IT infrastructure and data services to help your organization operate more efficiently, securely, and reliably

Helping You Navigate Healthcare IT Transformation

You’re in the midst of a major overhaul in health IT. More digital patient engagement, more integration, security, and accessibility stretch your resources and capabilities beyond the limits. That’s where we can help.


IT Network Services

Built for the Speed of Healthcare

Tackle never-ending networking tasks that lead to risk, delays, or worse, downtime. 

  • Comprehensively tackle network performance, lifecycle management, and modernization efforts with an army of experts - without the cost of one.
  • IT network services for on-premise and distributed architectures including public and private cloud environments
  • Project-based and network operations center (NOC) capabilities for the entire network lifecycle, from  design, build,  assessment, to consolidation and migration
  • Healthcare-ready network monitoring and support
  • Delivered from experienced healthcare networking professionals who understand large-scale and stand-alone hospital networks and patient care criticality
Info Sheet: IT Network Services

Data Center and Cloud

Get Out of the Data Center Business

Conquer change and optimize or cloudify your data centers.

You can reduce the burden of the data center business by leaning on our experienced healthcare technologists to take care of it. Whether you choose to migrate, streamline, or take data centers virtual, we help design, deploy and manage:

  • Data center compute and storage
  • Data center optimization and consolidation
  • Cloud (Azure, O365, Exchange)
  • Hosting
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Data and Interoperability

Clinical Healthcare Data Reporting, Automation, and Interoperability Made Easy

You have the power to deliver essential data for patient care decisions. Accomplish this by ensuring systems are designed to perform in worst-case scenarios, leveraging data across the organization, and ensuring data integrity faster and easier.

  • Disaster recovery and backups
  • Reporting and analytics services (Microsoft SQL or PowerBI)
  • Scripting and data automation
  • Data extraction and migration
  • Regulatory Reporting and Submission services

Legacy Data and Archive

A Cost-Saving Legacy Data Archive Solution

You can get a long-term, easy-to-access solution for legacy data, without the costs of licensing and maintaining legacy software. Backed by experienced technical and regulatory experts, and based on standard Microsoft technologies that you likely already own, our Legacy Data Archive solution is a practical and user-friendly approach that works for everyone.

Info Sheet: Legacy Data Archive
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Don't get caught off guard by hidden costs or put healthcare operations at risk.

This ebook can help you find the most effective way to provide MEDITECH solutions to your clinical teams and patients, compare cloud and hosting options, the associated benefits, and what to include in your budget.

There’s an Easier Way to Manage Your Infrastructure

Keeping up with the IT infrastructure of a health system is a herculean task. Every day brings new challenges. Our experienced IT and technical teams will provide you with proactive management of applications and IT to keep your systems protected and reliable.

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