Clinical Support and IT Help Desk Designed For The Best Outcomes

Our exclusive focus on supporting hospitals and healthcare systems means that the Help Desk and Applications Support you receive from CereCore is much more than support. Our teams are comprised of experts with in-hospital operations and clinical experience. We understand the urgency of resolving user incidents, the costs to the organization, and the impact to patient care. Learn why our services are designed for the best outcomes.

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Legacy Application Support

Managing Legacy Systems and Data During Your Transition

As you’re converting to a new EHR system, our support team can keep your existing EHR current by making necessary changes and updates during implementation without disrupting your staff or patients. We lower your costs by supplementing your devoted in-house resources with an experienced IT staff focused on providing cost-effective Tier 2 support. So your team can focus on critical projects and patient care, we facilitate a quick transition by implementing full support for your application in as little as 30 days.

When transitioning to a new EHR, we understand that regulatory updates, version upgrades, additional reports in your existing system are required. Our support model is designed to account for a certain number of hours that can be devoted to project-based needs in your legacy system. We provide quality people with specialized skill sets to complete projects your in-house staff doesn’t have the time or expertise to address. We concentrate on finding you the right person at the lowest price to handle:

  • System Maintenance
    • Orders
    • Formulary
    • Role Creation/Modification
  • Content Updates
    • Clinical Evidence
    • Drug Allergy Interaction
    • Coding Updates
  • EHR Updates
    • Scheduling with EHR
    • Testing
    • Coordinate with Facility Staff
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