Healthcare IT Advisory Services from an Operator Perspective

Rapid advancements, consumerism, and consolidation have created unparalleled opportunities and challenges around transformation for health system leaders. Gain the experience and perspective of health system CIOs and operators who have navigated the complex issues of mergers and acquisitions, expansion, and introducing new technologies to their own integrated care networks. CereCore approaches IT advisory services the same as if advising our own organization – pragmatic, proactive, and provider-centered.

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Advisory Services

IT Strategic Planning and Governance

Strategic planning should be easy to understand, actionable, and pragmatic. We provide tactical plans as well as how to execute, monitor, and measure those efforts to ensure proper outcomes. One of the most critical aspects of managing the IT projects and investments is to align with business goals and strategies.  Proper IT governance provides a mechanism to control and align investments and not hinder the progress of the organization.

Mergers and Acquisitions

When entering into a merger or acquisition, organizations should understand the impact to their people, systems, and processes.  One of the critical success factors is to engage clinical and operational stakeholders early during the merger and acquisition process.  We help you identify key individuals and communication best practices to facilitate a smooth transition and avoid some of the common pitfalls when going through an organizational shift of this scale.

IT Optimization

Facilities’ needs are far more complex when it comes to infrastructure technology planning. The flow and demand on systems, networks, and support of these technologies requires close attention and for every device to connect, be reliable, and be secure.  We walk you through the steps to optimize your IT environment from the physician and patient perspective in order to create lasting change and organizational satisfaction.

Digital Transformation and Innovation

We recognize that patients and physicians drive change in the healthcare industry and this change is happening at an incredibly fast pace. We help you properly leverage your investments in transformational technologies to offer more convenient access to care and give you the tools to track the cost and quality of care.

Integrated Service Delivery Models

As EHR vendors, the government, and healthcare organizations make a concerted effort to move interoperability forward, we support you by developing functional models for variety of environments such as Clinical Integrated Networks (CIN) and implement the latest interoperability standards coming to market.

IT Operational Effectiveness and Efficiency

With years of managing large healthcare systems IT operation, we understand what it means to be effective and efficient.  By leveraging Six Sigma, Lean, and other toolsets, we are able to demonstrate the improvements in workflows using analytics and actionable data.

Application and Contract Optimization

An average size hospital will have hundreds of applications with many duplicating functionalities. This leads to hundreds of contracts to manage with possible undesirable terms and conditions.  We specialize in consolidating the applications and refreshing the remaining contracts to eliminate redundancies and streamline services.

System Selection and Implementation

We understand system selection is a complex set of activities that involves cultural change management, analysis of the implementation, and a total cost of ownership for years. We go beyond identifying a team of stakeholders, key requirements, and system comparison to provide a detailed approach from start to finish that best serves the organization and sets them up for future success.

Data Governance and Analytics

With modern EHR and other clinical and business systems organizations are amassing vast amount of data, yet very few systems are taking advantage of the existing data either because they are scattered, or they lack governance structure.  We start with key data governance structures to allow easy and secure access to the existing data and then deliver proper strategies and techniques to overlay the right analytic tools.  In many cases, these tools exist in the market and you can effectively leverage your data with a very low investment.

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