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We leverage our years of operator and clinician experience with our fully certified MEDITECH-Ready team to help you utilize MEDITECH successfully and cost-effectively.

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Professional Services

MEDITECH Services from Pre-Implementation to Post Go-Live

Every project is unique and we make collaboration with you a priority. You’ll be working with quality individuals with operator backgrounds that bring a unique end-user perspective to every aspect of implementation.

Our in-depth understanding of all project needs allows us to navigate various challenges during the entire lifecycle of a project, provide consistent communication and minimize risks. Through strategic planning, we help you move toward a fully integrated and optimized MEDITECH system on-time and on-budget.

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Implementations & Upgrades

Our team is certified by MEDITECH to deliver “READY” Levels 1-4 and Pathway Implementations for the Expanse platform allowing you to focus on adoption and quality of care instead of complex IT issues and help you maximize the value of your MEDITECH system. Our goals for your organization are rapid adoption, evidence-based content and advanced workflows that work for you.

We begin the process by developing a strong IT plan and assisting with project governance as well as focusing on physician training. We use our in-depth knowledge of MEDITECH systems and practical expertise when partnering with leadership to build a foundation of preparedness that allows for smooth conversion and 100% adoption.


Our team members have worked in hospitals across the country and understand the situations and challenges that have to be overcome daily. With our years of operator experience and cross-functional teaming approach, we collaborate and communicate with you throughout a project to ensure your system is optimized while your staff is able to continue their focus on quality patient care.

We spend time working with you to better understand your specific workflows and how we can best improve adoption and efficiency in your current system. We provide retraining services to your IT applications staff for system maintenance. Our process leads you to revenue gains and maximizing your total investment in MEDITECH.

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We are the only resource that has invested in a MEDITECH Expanse Test/Train environment with core third party applications so you can gain essential hands-on experience prior to and during the implementation process.

We provide classroom, remote and on-site training for your staff. We use your organization’s information in the test field and work with you to develop and customized workflows at zero risk. By training your staff in all MEDITECH applications, we ensure a smooth transition before go-live.


We understand the weeks leading up to go-live can be stressful as they are a critical part of implementation. Our go-live support team has operator experience and is there for you 24/7 to provide issue resolution, help you avoid common mistakes and give you peace of mind in the final stages of transition.

We address impatience, change-resistance and urgency with a voice of reason and understanding. Our people meet you where you’re at and work to find timely solutions so that when you go-live, it’s a smooth and seamless adoption.

Core Solutions

Keep moving forward with quick return on investment solutions for MEDITECH

CereCore® has combined expertise, automation, and methodologies from years of successful health IT projects to provide time and cost-saving options to optimize your MEDITECH EHR, address regulatory compliance, and adopt new functionality. Core Solutions feature a fixed-fee or fixed-scope delivery model to demonstrate quick return on investment and keep your organization moving forward.

Appropriate Use Criteria

Achieve your AUC implementation in as little as 90 days. Based on dozens of successful AUC implementations and even more interoperability projects, the Core Solution for Appropriate Use Criteria provides a complete package of services at a flat-rate for the technical, application and operational services needed for compliance.

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Automated Orderable Charge Testing

Built and performed by MEDITECH-ready certified experts, our automated testing solution results in 100% validation of process-driven orderable charges. This cost-effective solution provides real value over manual validation methods and is a key part of an overall revenue integrity program and eliminating hidden revenue leaks during annual pricing changes, regulatory updates, upgrades and implementations.

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MEDITECH Release Management

CereCore Release Management provides a structured and proven validation process for ensuring the performance and efficacy of MEDITECH code and system updates. This fixed-fee or subscription service provides system validation, integrated testing, decision review, and reports to help your team focus on enhancement opportunities instead of the blocking and tackling necessary to validate new code impacts.

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Technical Services

Streamlining Operations and Providing Real-Time Solutions

We place importance on equipping your team with an efficient workflow. We manage the infrastructure of your system and train your staff to take advantage of new tools and standards or how to automate manual processes saving you money and man-power.

We identify areas where your organization can improve so you can benefit from all that MEDITECH has to offer and ultimately, enjoy staff and patient satisfaction.

Reports and Regulatory Submission

Our operator experience allows us to effectively serve you by identifying performance opportunities and reducing development time. We eliminate the need for individual reports and manual consolidation of information by automating data extraction and report distribution. We partner with you to define, develop and distribute MEDITECH Data Repository Reporting Services with less cost by using existing IDN and facility hardware and software.

We provide outsourced report writing for SQL, NPR and 6.x Report Designer and build custom reports that are Microsoft driven to comply with your current system. Our team’s skill level can support any type of project from large implementations to assessments and performance reports. We work to update existing reports, identify duplicate reports, extract data for performance analysis, modify reports affected by ICD-10 and train your staff in these areas as well. We give you faster more accurate information so you can deliver better patient care.

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We give you the resources to deliver data across multiple platforms in the most efficient and accurate way. Whether it’s point to point or an interface engine, our team helps you securely deliver real-time information across your hospital and beyond.

When working with you, we assign an experienced integrations coordinator to manage the entire process including assistance with vendor contracting and network connectivity remediation.  Our comprehensive approach includes requirements gathering and documentation, specification development, unit testing, advanced testing, remediation, documentation, and Go-Live planning, cut-over and support to achieve your highest level of connectivity.

New modules we have integrated include but are not limited to:

  • ORM (Operating Room Module)
  • RM/QM (Risk Management/Quality Management)
  • SCA/ECM (Scanning & Archiving/Electronic Content Management)
  • CMI (Clinical Monitoring Interface)


We develop, test and complete projects that your staff doesn’t have the time to address. We allocate our resources to build scripts that cut down administrative work and accelerate daily tasks so you can focus on patient care. We have a warehouse of scripts we use to automate any redundant tasks and lower the risk of transcription errors. Our scripts include but are not limited to:

  • B/AR Procedure Dictionary
  • PHA Drug Dictionary
  • NPR Reports
  • Registration

Data Extract and Archive

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of data in a legacy system and deciding how you will manage or access it and continual maintenance of an old system is expensive. You run the risk of hardware failure, lack of support and ultimately losing access to data you may need. Our technical team is well-versed in various applications so whether you’re needing to transition from MAGIC or C/S to MEDITECH, we have the experience to quickly help you retrieve and archive your data with minimal hardware requirements. We also leverage standard Microsoft technologies most likely already licensed in your environment to extract and archive your legacy data. We do a wide analysis of your system and develop a prioritized plan that executes a data extract and archive with go-live support and on-going customer service in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Data we extract and archive includes but is not limited to:

  • General ledger
  • Financial reports
  • Accounts payable
  • Payroll
  • Human resources
  • Abstracting
  • Accounting disclosures
  • Patient accounts receivable
  • Nursing documentation
  • OE reports
  • LAB, MIC, PTH, BBK specimen reports
  • Medication administration records
  • Incident reports
  • Radiology exam history
  • Operative case summary


A World-Class MEDITECH Hosting Solution

With escalating IT requirements, it is increasingly difficult to sustain stable operations and focused patient care. An overwhelmed IT staff will not be able to meet ever-changing IT requirements, system updates and project requests while continuing to keep the lights on and the current system running at an acceptable operating level.

We understand budget limitations yet the desperate need for support. Our hosting service offers access to advanced technology platforms, 24x7x365 support and operational expertise that’s dependable and cost-effective. Our team takes the burden of hosting off your shoulders and simplifies server maintenance, storage, backup and recovery. By remotely hosting your MEDITECH application, we keep your system current, safe and ready to take advantage of new technologies with minimal disruption to your staff.


Our system testing provides rigorous analysis of your platform to guarantee its capability and capacity prior to go-live. We do performance testing to verify that the system performs and responds reliably under heavy loads and usage without long wait times and frustration. We also offer operational readiness testing (ORT) to ensure servers are able to recover in the event of issues.

Data Center

Our fully redundant data center provides control of environmental and IT systems that support MEDITECH. All power and back-up systems are tested regularly to ensure the infrastructure and procedures perform as designed.


It’s important that your information is protected and exchanged quickly. We provide around the clock alerting, monitoring and escalation support to ensure timely delivery of information to you. We also offer support for network management solutions including routers, switches, firewalls, and LAN/WAN hardware connectivity (including circuits).

You are protected through the maintenance and support of firewalls, VPN concentrators, SSL remote access devices and other managed solutions. In addition, code levels are certified and monitored to ensure that we stay up to date on the latest recommended releases.


Our storage infrastructure has a full range of cost-effective storage options; featuring multi-tiered, highly scalable, secure and reliable end-to-end systems. We include a selection of systems that provide solutions such as automated tiering, thin provisioning, snapshot and deduplication technology.

Disaster Recovery

In the event of a system failure or unexpected downtime, we offer backup services in a variety of ways from offline tape to Disk to Disk backups. Our procedures guarantee that data is properly saved and stored safely. Regular tests and audits are conducted to facilitate recoverability and verify that actual practices are consistent with procedures.

We also maintain a disaster recovery plan designed to provide immediate response and subsequent recovery. This plan documents the strategies, personnel, procedures and resources we will use to respond to any interruption.

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