Is it the right time for MEDITECH Expanse?

Discover where you are on the path to MEDITECH Expanse, lessons learned from those who made the leap, and ways to maximize MEDITECH wherever you are in the journey.

Are you ready to take on a MEDITECH Expanse implementation? What's inside this ebook can help.

From CereCore's legacy of hospital operations and the experiences of our customers, you'll find practical insights to maximize MEDITECH now and in the future, including:

  • Reasons to consider moving from an older version of  MEDITECH.
    For example, achieving a single EHR across acute and ambulatory settings and improving patient data flow and analytics can have a worthwhile impact on operations.
  • Lessons learned. 
    One customer discusses the planning and results from their big-bang Expanse approach, while another discusses the steps needed for readiness.
  • Budgeting considerations.
    Moving to Expanse means planning for IT requirements such as reporting, data archiving, access, and more.
  • Questions to ask your prospective implementation partner. 
    Ensure a good fit with questions on expectation setting, methodology, project milestones, and more. 
  • See under the hood of MEDITECH Expanse. 
    Learn how to subscribe to the CereCore MEDITECH Resource library which contains demos of features deployed in the CereCore Expanse system (Provider's Medical Center).

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