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Valuable Technical Skills for All Your Project Needs

The responsibility of hospital IT departments never stops growing. We provide easy access to specialized technical skills that you can outsource for your specific needs. We transform patient care by streamlining the process of sharing data, generating reports, providing secure access to critical information and facilitating unified communication.

By automating manual processes, providing short-term support or offering expertise beyond your staff’s capability, we save you money and man-power.

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Data Extract & Archive

Managing and Converting Legacy Data

Continual maintenance of an old system is expensive. You run the risk of hardware failure, lack of support and ultimately losing access to data you may need. Our team of experts gives you the flexibility to choose what data is archived and how it can be retrieved with minimal hardware requirements. We also leverage standard Microsoft technologies most likely already licensed in your environment to extract and archive your legacy data. We do a wide analysis of your system and develop a prioritized plan that executes a data extract and archive with go-live support and on-going customer service in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

We extract and archive data such as:

  • General ledger
  • Financial reports
  • Accounts Payable
  • Payroll
  • Human resources
  • Abstracting
  • Accounting Disclosures
  • Patient accounts receivable
  • Nursing documentation
  • OE reports
  • LAB, MIC, PTH, BBK specimen reports
  • Medication administration records
  • Incident reports
  • Radiology exam history
  • Operative case summary


Improving and Organizing How You Use and Share Data

Given the massive amount of data available to you, proper management is imperative in order to generate insightful and actionable information. Reporting can be a time-consuming and costly endeavor, however, we create simple electronic processes that automate data extraction and report distribution so you get the information you need faster.

We provide templates built by experienced clinicians that cut down on development time or we can work with you from a blank slate to create reports that best fit your organization’s workflow. Our goal is to take your information and connect it in a way that shows you where you can improve. We give you tools to quickly create reports that will minimize your risk of claims, comply with regulatory requirements and streamline the flow of information for better communication and patient care.


Wireless Network Installation and Support

Now more than ever, having internet access in every corner of your hospital is critical. As the use of iPads and iPhones in a hospital setting has increased, the expectation for constant communication both between staff, patients and facilities has as well. It’s important to have a system in place that is secure and reliable when sharing sensitive and often urgent information. We understand the need for systems to handle large amounts of traffic between thousands of smart devices and machines without the risk of crashing.

Our team will do an in-depth assessment of your space to monitor signal strength, throughput and response times then develop an install plan for a wireless network infrastructure that securely supports and connects your staff. As you continue to upgrade and adapt your IT infrastructure to keep up with technological advances, our team helps you get the most out of your system and effectively support growing demands.


IP Installation to Support Unified Communication

Whether it’s the nurses and other staff members who communicate vital patient information or a physician communicating with another hospital, a secure phone system must be in place. Investing in an IP system that supports unified communication that’s protected by a firewall drives down costs by enabling video capabilities, instant messaging and simple maintenance. It cuts down the noise in a hospital by connecting your staff to mobile devices instead of relying on paging as well as making communication more reliable. We help your staff become more productive by giving them the tools to communicate and work more effectively.


Connecting Systems and Data for Reliable Access and Sharing

We give you the resources to deliver data across multiple platforms in the most efficient and accurate way. We have knowledge of key host applications, engines, regulatory requirements and the exchanges and other government platforms they must interface with. Whether it’s point to point or an industry standard interface engine, our team helps you securely deliver real-time information across your hospital and beyond.

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