Cut through the noise when comparing MEDITECH cloud and hosting solutions.

Don't get caught off guard by hidden costs or put healthcare operations at risk.

This ebook can help you find the most effective way to provide MEDITECH solutions to your clinical teams and patients, compare cloud and hosting options, the associated benefits, and what to include in your budget.

The advice in this buyer's guide can help you:

  • Weigh the benefits.
    Does your organization have the resources to maintain MEDITECH in-house? Physical location and capacity that can expand with newer capabilities?
  • Uncover hidden costs and challenges.
    What is the software licensing needed for antivirus, backups, and third parties? Do you need additional support for the application versus the hosting environment? 
  • Assess business continuity.
    How will data backup and recovery be handled? Can you achieve a full system restore or need a secondary backup for third-party applications?


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