Take on technical debt. Your patients will thank you.

Technical debt hinders the progress of transformation and is a problem in healthcare, but it doesn’t need to be a patient’s problem.

This eBook will help you know what a HIT organization can do to preserve and improve patient care and patient experiences – while combating the effects of technical debt and preventing further deficit. Here’s what you’ll learn how to do: 

Understand the problem. 

  • What impact does technical debt have on your strategic priorities? 
  • Are symptoms of technical debt happening in your organization? 

Self-assess your current state. 

  • Do you know the forms of technical debt? 
  • How and when is technical debt impacting your patients? 

Fight back. 

  • How can you mitigate the impact of technical debt on your patients? 
  • What can you do today? 
  • What needs to change going forward to address technical debt? 

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