Charge Reconciliation: Training, Maintenance, and Accountability

Functionality exists throughout MEDITECH to allow for real-time automated and manual charge entry, however, many organizations struggle to effectively manage these workflows. Often, automatic charging is set up, but not updated as documentation tools evolve. Manual charge entry is confusing, and coding workflows become cumbersome when clicking through many areas of the chart. On the back end, it can be challenging to keep the charge router and reconciliation processes up-to-date with the changing clinical workflows. This can cause a problem with accountability and ownership. Here are three more considerations that contribute to the overall health of your revenue cycle department and workflows:

  • Training – Implementation of charge reconciliation involves training individuals within clinical departments and patient accounting that are responsible for maintaining the process. The training curriculum needs to include steps, reports, MEDITECH routines, issue resolution, and communication requirements. To provide a solid foundation for employees, training needs to be refreshed on regular basis based on new departments, new employees, and new system functionality. Attendance should be required and tracked.
  • Maintenance – The charge reconciliation process requires on-going maintenance around MEDITECH parameters and dictionaries, MEDITECH access, and necessary process changes. Daily monitoring, and completion of charge reconciliation steps, will ensure visibility to issues when they arise. These issues could arise in charge capture, documentation, integration between clinical application and patient accounting, or dictionaries. For example, there could be procedures entered without a charge procedure, number in patient accounting, or upgrades, that can affect functionality within charge reconciliation. As the process continually evolves, on-going attention is required to maintain efficient workflows.
  • Accountability – Due to number of departments involved in process, there are opportunities to compare departments against each other on execution. This effective mechanism builds accountability. Employees need to understand expectations and ramifications, if the process is not completed in a timely and accurate manner. There are many opportunities to help drive positive outcomes if leadership sets clear expectations and creates an appropriate structure to support departments and employees. Organizations that understand and emphasize this process, will see positive financial impact.

If you are struggling to effectively capture all your charges, would like to benefit from more effective training materials, or gain clearer accountability, our MEDITECH experts have the experience to work with your organization to determine optimization opportunities. We can also assist in how to approach, and execute these opportunities successfully.

During our assessments, we engage a cross-functional team of clinical and revenue cycle experts to assess the health of your charge capture workflows, CDM, and reconciliation processes. We will audit your use of MEDITECH tools to facilitate accurate charging and reconciliation and review your education materials, reports, and processes. Finally, we will review your charge audit processes and feedback to the clinical areas. For more information on our brief assessment, download our solution overview here. To start a conversation or schedule a meeting, please email us at or call us at 855.276.9112.

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